Progressive Vellore is youth-led participatory, grassroots organization aims to
become an independent and non voice on local environment issues


To produce high-quality scientific evidence of local environmental problems and disseminate the findings effectively to the wider public and policy-makers Maintain close working relationships with a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations To adopt best practices of participatory action research, collaborative planning and community building.



The state of the local environment is constantly evolving because of fast changing community. We continue to pump toxic gases in the air; chemicals are left untreated and mixed with the river streams, underground water, excessive fertilizer consumption, etc. PV aims to develop a network of comprehensive and sophisticated monitoring of local environmental problems that have immediate and long-term effect on the public health, livelihoods and social security.



Our ecosystem is degrading fast; but, We are too slow to respond it. We must find solutions. Solutions: that are timely, forward-looking, creative, inclusive, participatory, holistic. Solutions to farmers, households, industrialists, policymakers, and everyone. We invite every important member of the community to take part in our “ongoing solution feast” for the local environmental challenges. Building a platform for social innovation to discuss, analyze and develop solutions.



Reconciling with nature and integrating the principles in our day-to-day life is key to solving our ecological problems. We develop innovative and creative awareness campaigns in partnership with schools, colleges, universities, associations, NGOs, industries and municipal authorities. The campaigns will be for students, farmers, youth, industries, teachers, etc. Developing a broad variety of tools for different audiences, such as print and electronic products and tools



We must create an ecosystem; where we can create ripple effects of positive change in the community. We recommend time-tested policies & tap the creative potential of local municipal institutions. We continuously advocate policy change and support through our technical findings benefits, impacts of sound ecosystem. Through policies incentives, regulations, subsidies, penalties, we can make widespread change in Vellore district. Create a inclusive policy framework.


Progressive Vellore is dedicated to addressing the critical environmental challenges and work with the entire community members to bring a meaningful change